Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Tips to Count and Cut the Costs of Solar Panels

Cost of solar panels is pricey. That becomes the biggest hindrance to install it at home. In the other hand, the cost of solar panels you pay today really covers your spending in the future, at least for 20 years.

So, how much is the real cost of solar panels? It is around $20,000 or more. You can do your own calculation by summing up the kWh numbers on your electricity bills for the last 12 months. Then, get the average by dividing it into 12 and 30 respectively. There, you get your average daily kWh consumption. To get the cost of solar panels, estimate the hours of sunlight in a day. Then, divide the daily kWh number by the sunlight hours, and multiply it by 2 for errors and waste. That is the amount of energy needs to be provided by the solar panels. Multiply the latter by the cost of solar panels per watt, around $3 or $4. The number you get is the raw estimation of the cost of solar panels. 

Is it costly? We give you alternative. Check the largest energy consumption at home, for example, water heating. Use separate solar panels for the heating, this time, create the DIY instead of the wired electrical panels. It significantly saves your budget for the cost of solarpanels. Find sources for inexpensive or used solar panel kits and install it yourself to establish your home solar power. This time, you can cut the cost about 50% per watt. Check for government incentives such as tax cuts and rebates to ease your budget.

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